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Crafting meaningful gifts with slow magic
& wondrous self-care

An enchanting four-week online experience in wondermaking

Once upon a time, four wonder-making women met in an enchanted forest and decided to brew up some magic together. They wove together their shared love of nature, nourishing self-care, and making beautiful things by hand. And something luminous emerged…an enchanting way of crafting beautiful gifts for the holidays while cultivating wondrous self-care and relaxation through the process of creation.

They enjoyed wondermaking together so much they wanted to invite others too.
And so, they wove it all into a four-week online adventure to share with you.

We cordially invite you to join us in
this new Wondermaking adventure

Dear Wonder Sister,

We would be absolutely delighted if you’d join us in Wondermaking this fall. Part of our desire with this offering is to join together in the joy of handcrafting beautiful gifts ahead of the holiday season so we can more fully enjoy the holidays when they arrive. We’ll be sharing how to make Enchantment Journals, Wonder Boxes, Golden Elixirs, Stories Crafted with Tea, and other delights.

But Wondermaking is much more than just learning how to make some goodies and checking gifts off your holiday list early. The true magic of Wondermaking lies in how we go about making those gifts to nourish our own spirits in the creative process. It’s about weaving in rich meaning, sparkling wonder, relaxing flow, and beautiful energy into what we create with our heart and hands.

That’s why we’ve crafted Wondermaking as an enchanting experience for you rather than a typical “how-to class.” In Wondermaking, we weave in delicious self-care, simple rituals, a love of nature, creative inspiration, and ways to imbue each gift you make with personal meaning for the intended recipient (yourself or someone else).

Let’s create some wonder and slow magic together, shall we? We get started on October 12, 2019 and would love to have you join us.

Yours in enchantment,

The Wondermakers
Victoria, Betsy, Amy, and Lauren

October 12November 8, 2019

Registration Fee: $116.00 (USD)

Location: Online in our private Wondermaking
area at The Mojo Lab

Let's make some wonder together, shall we?
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Want a sneak peek at the Welcome video for participants?

In this video, you'll learn more about what to expect during our four weeks together and meet your Wondermaking guides: Victoria, Betsy, Amy, and Lauren.


Your Wondermaking Guides

Victoria Smith of The Mojo Lab and Miss Wondersmith (Betsy Hinze) are your hosts of this online adventure. They’re joined as instructors by their Wondermaking co-conspirators Artist Amy Won and Lauren Dodge of Fruits to the Roots.

Victoria Smith

Victoria is a writer, artist, creative mentor, and resident wonder mystic at the Mojo Lab. Her work explores the intersection of creativity, earth wisdom, magic, and intuition. Through her classes and other offerings, she helps women forge a stronger connection with their inner wisdom, courage, and creative spirit, as well as the natural world around them, so they always know where their true north lies. You can find her adventuring in wonder at, Instagram @mojolab, and Facebook.

Miss Wondersmith (Betsy Hinze)

Miss Wondersmith spreads wonder in her own unique way; often, through planning meaningful events and sharing them with strangers! She also writes about wildcrafting, plant magic, and non-denominational rituals and ceremonies. Her goal through sharing this work is to encourage more meaningful connection to self, community, and environment. You'll find Miss Wondersmith sharing her sparkling creations and events at, Instagram @misswondersmith, Facebook, and Patreon.

Amy Won

Amy is an artist, nature lover, and wonder-seeker creating art and tools to enchant the everyday. She is deeply inspired by nature, mythology and labyrinths! Through her art and offerings she hopes to inspire you to wonder-filled adventures that sharpen your own senses, fuel your aliveness, and renew your enchantment with life. You can find Amy online sharing her enchanting paintings, wonder walks, and creative adventures at, Instagram @amytwon, and Facebook.

Lauren Dodge

Co-Founder & Lead Formulator of and monthly tea collaborator at, Lauren explores ritual through creation of organic beauty products, teas & elixirs. Invoking awareness, plant spirit medicine, planetary archetypes and LOVE in every artifact formed, she crafts intentional stories for daily well-being. You’ll find her sharing her magic online at, Etsy, Instagram @fruitstotheroots, and Facebook.

The Wondermaking Journey

Wondermaking Welcome & Orientation

On October 1st, we'll open the doors to the special welcome and orientation portion of the Wondermaking journey. Here you'll find a welcome video from the instructors, a guided meditation to your enchanted Wondermaking space, and a detailed supplies list with links to trusted sources for items you may not be able to find locally.

Week 1 with Victoria Smith: Getting Started & The Enchantment Journal 

We begin this week with crafting a set of simple and beautiful handmade cahier-style journals/notebooks, one for you (perfect for recording all kinds of wonder and enchantment) and as many as you wish to gift to others. We'll explore delightful ways to add meaningful, personalized touches, as well as creative prompts and inspiration for what you (and the recipients) can put in them. As an optional "diving deeper" adventure, you'll learn how to alter an old hardback book (not a special or precious one!), repurposing the cover with some simple alterations to hold several of the removable journals/notebooks and other treasures together.

Week 2 with Miss Wondersmith: Golden Elixir with Meditation and Herbal Honey

Honey’s golden beauty is the starting point for this week's class, which will weave together guided meditations with herbal techniques to create a shimmering potion with heartwarming qualities, perfect for personal reflection and gift giving. We’ll also dive in deeper to discuss customizing your infused honey and how to package it creatively!

Week 3 with Amy Won: A Wonder Box: Exploring Roots

We’ll be exploring what ‘Roots’ mean to us both in the outer/natural world as well as the inner/soul world. Through the ritual of wonder-walking, gathering/treasure-hunting and journaling, we’ll craft a magical wooden box to celebrate our ‘origins’. This can be both as an anchoring gift to ourselves or to a loved one on the cusp of a new adventure.

Week 4 with Lauren Dodge: Sacred Botanicals & Story Crafting with Tea Ceremony

This week we dive into the ritual of blending, brewing and tea ceremony through story craft. This is will include a brief study of a few of my favorite medicinal herbs, as well as a few different ways to blend and brew tea. Whether you’re looking to benefit from a beauty potion, detox with an herbal infusion, or just create something tasty that you know will also help to reduce your intake of daily stress, you’re sure to find harmony in the crafting of your very own tea stories.

What You Receive

New Enchantments to Explore Twice a Week

The core of each week’s material will be released on Saturdays in the form of a video and downloadable PDF guide with instructions, followed on Wednesdays with inspiration for diving deeper with that week’s theme. All the material each week will be posted to our private Wondermaking area right here on the Mojo Lab website. During the four weeks we’re wondermaking together, you’ll receive an email on Saturdays and Wednesdays with a link to the new material.

Video Demonstrations

You'll begin each weekly exploration with a video posted on Saturday. These videos will be instructional, but they will also be relaxing and wonder-filled! Some instructors will pre-record while others will offer a live session for you to engage with. These detailed videos will be 30 to 45 minutes in length and will get you started on your Wondermaking for that week. Together, we'll go over every step of the weekly project and offer ways to engage with it in a relaxing and soul-filling way. Any live sessions offered will be video recorded and posted in the classroom for replay afterward for anyone who isn't able to attend live.

Written Guides to Download

On Saturdays, along with the videos, you'll also receive a beautifully designed PDF guide to download with written instructions and photos for each Wondermaking project. And then on Wednesdays, you'll have an additional PDF guide to download with suggestions for taking your project further, whether that's infusing an element of ritual into your gift, adding another component to expand on the gift's theme, or taking your packaging up a notch. You can even print them out to make your own little Wonder manual for your personal use to accompany your journaling and notes.

Safe Space for Creative Sharing & Asking Questions

We’ll meet in a private group on Facebook just for Wondermaking. It’s where we’ll share our adventures in wondermaking, laugh, swap stories, inspire, and support each other. One of the things all of the Wondermaker instructors love is to gather in safe space with our enchanting creative kindred and share in the magic. We’ll all be taking part in our private group and can’t wait to see you there!

PSA: Should you be feeling artistically nervous, let us assure you that you do NOT need any special arts or crafts skills for Wondermaking. This is about exploration and discovery, and the sheer joy of bringing your hearts, hands, and creativity together to create special gifts for yourself and others. It has nothing at all to do with prior experience, skill, or perfection. You’ll be fine, we promise. Pinky swear.

Suggested Supplies

We've designed Wondermaking in such a way as to keep the cost of the supplies needed for each week's projects as reasonable as possible and we focus on the "slow" ethic as our guiding intention. We emphasis natural or nature-inspired, low- or no-cost materials you can obtain easily. The ideal are those materials, ingredients, and tools that you may already have on hand, can find in nature, repurpose from prior uses, or can buy inexpensively.

You'll receive an email with a link to the Welcome & Orientation module on October 1st, which will include a detailed Supplies list with links to trusted online sources for acquiring those items that may not be available to you locally.

The list below will give you a good idea of the supplies you’ll need for Wondermaking. It isn’t exhaustive of all possibilities, but covers the essentials. The key here is to stay within your comfort zone. We’re firm believers in reusing and repurposing as much as we can from what we already have on hand. Should you want to buy a few things, you can certainly keep this very low-cost with a bit of creativity and intention.

Week 1: Enchanted Journal

  • Paper you want to use in creating your journals (it can be a mix of papers, which can be truly fun)
  • Card stock (plain, colored, or decorated) to serve as the covers for your journals
  • Some basic bookbinding tools (waxed linen or hemp binding thread, bookbinders needle, awl, ruler, Xacto/Utility knife or other paper cutting tools of your choice)
  • Embellishments (things like decorative paper, ephemera, magazine images, washi tape, stamps, ribbon, flattish treasures from nature, and such)
  • Optional: (for creating a hard-back Fauxdori journal binder/cover introduced in the second "diving deeper" portion of the Enchanted Journal lesson): old hardback book(s) you're okay with deconstructing (nothing special or collectible), PVA glue, glue brush, book cloth or marbled/painted paper (with a good weight but not so thick or stiff that it can't be folded and glued), eyelet hole punch and setter, eyelets, piece of thin chipboard/non-corrugated cardboard, and thick jeweler's elastic.

Week 2: Golden Elixir

  • at least 2 cups of honey
  • recommended herbs: damina, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, and spicebush (or allspice) “berries”
  • a method of gently warming honey, such as a pot of water on low or a crock pot
  • clean glass jar for infusing
  • strainer
  • pretty jars/bottles for your potion
  • edible gold luster dust
  • Optional: pretty stones, crystals, or drawer pulls to decorate jars and bottles; strong epoxy (like E6000) to attach decorations; and herbs of your choice for a custom honey blend

Week 3: Wonder Box

  • A wooden box (hinged lid is best) that can be held in the hands. A wooden cigar box or an unfinished pine box from the craft store would work great.
  • Milk paints or acrylic paint
  • Paper Clay that can be painted
  • Gathered objects and totems from nature and life
  • Hot glue
  • balsa wood
  • small miniature glass vials or vintage glass bottles
  • paint brushes in a variety of sizes
  • watercolor paper and paints

Week 4: Sacred Botanicals & Story-Crafting with Tea

  • pen/pencil and journal or piece of paper to make notes and write down your tea stories, ideas and recipes (one of the Enchanted Journals you'll make in Week 1 would be perfect for this)
  • a method of boiling water (electric kettle, stovetop kettle, or a sauce pan)
  • a method of brewing tea (tea cup, infuser/tea ball or re-usable tea bag, or a Tea pot and strainer)
  • glass or ceramic bowl for mixing or blending herbs
  • wooden spatula or spoon
  • glass jar with a tight sealing lid (to store tea blend)
  • paper grocery bag, or a large piece of brown kraft paper
  • dry herbs : there will be specific herbs listed in the detailed supplies list you'll receive in mid-Sept but Lauren I will discuss how one can create from whatever herbs they choose to work with including a few items that can be found in their kitchens).
  • Optional: incense or room cleansing mist, quartz crystals for creating grids and infusing, wax marker pencil (any color), sweetener of choice, lemon wedges, syrup.

Q & A: Details Your Delightfully Curious Mind Will Want to Know

How long will the Wondermaking class materials remain available to registered students?

We'll keep the Wondermaking area open on the Mojo Lab website with all class materials available for you for a full calendar year from the class start date. This means you'll be able to access all the videos, audios, and written material until October 11, 2020. Also, the Wondermaking PDF guides are downloadable, so you'll have a permanent record of how to create the gifts for the future.

Do I have to join the Wondermaking community group on Facebook?

No, not at all. If you aren't on Facebook and not keen to join, there's no requirement to join the group. However, we encourage everyone to join who can. That's where all the discussion, sharing, and connection will be happening.

How long will our Facebook group remain open?

We'll keep the Wondermaking Facebook group open for a month after the class ends. On December 8, 2019 we'll archive the group, which means you'll still be able to see all the posts and comments in case you'd like to return and revisit anything there. The archived group will be closed down completely at the same time as the classroom space (October 11, 2020).

Do I need any special skills, artistic ability, or experience to join?

Nope, not at all. None of the gifts we're making require any prior experience or special artistic talent. All you need is your own creative spirit and willingness to try some new things. There will be options in some cases for taking the projects deeper, which may include a higher-level technique or two. But no worries, we'll lead you through all of it step by step. We'll meet you where you are, no worries.

Can I sell the gifts I learn to make in Wondermaking to others?

No, we're sorry but the the signature gifts (and tutorials and extras) the instructors designed for Wondermaking are intended for you to make for yourself and give as gifts to others, not for commercial sale via products, tutorials, or classes. But here's the juicy part: we're sharing loads of creative techniques and inspiration in Wondermaking that you can easily take forward and use in designing your own original creations, which you could offer commercially if you wished. And that's where the gold lies!

Will you join us in making wonder together?

Oh, we hope you will!
(Just click the magic cup and register
... and we'll see you there!)