Enthusiasms: Morning Routines, Kissing Snails, Tiny Homes, and More…

Little buddy

We’re into full on Spring in both of the states I call home these days, Oregon and California. This living between two homes can be little challenging, but I am finding my groove in it all. It helps that I’m getting loads more sunshine these days – that always lightens my heart and my load.

All of the happy sunshine and warmer weather has my energy rising and I’m finding myself wanting to move more and lose the winter pudge. I started a new morning routine of meditation and exercise before work in the mornings. I’m falling in love with walking again and even my sweet hubby has noticed I have more of a spring in my step these days. Now I’m threading back in some writing time in the mornings as well. I can’t begin to tell you how much improvement that my new morning routine is making in my outlook and overall happiness. The goal is to ingrain the three morning activities (meditation, walking/exercise, and writing) into a concrete daily habit.

Here are some of my current enthusiasms that I hope will put a bounce in your step, too.

21-Day Meditation Series: Finding Your Flow. I signed up for this series through Chopra Center Meditation and recommend it highly. It’s been underway for a week, but it’s not too late to join in. I sit with the new recording every morning for about 20 minutes and it gives me a wonderful lift and helps to keep me centered all day. Love!

Inside Out Happiness by Courtney Carver. A lovely blog post by my friend, Courtney, about cultivating true happiness from within. I love that she’s also doing the 21-day Meditation Series. When I sit in the morning to meditate, I think about the web of people around the world who are participating in this daily program along with Courtney, Tammy, and I. It makes my heart glow with joy.

Fitbit! I am enamored with my Fitbit One, a sweet little clip-on device that tracks my physical activities all day. The super-hubby and I gifted one to each other at the holidays this year. Sadly, I accidentally left mine clipped to my clothes and ran it through the washing machine. Doh! I contacted Fitbit to see if they could help after leaving it in a bowl of rice to dry it out didn’t revive it. Guess what? Fitbit sent me a new one! I’m so impressed with their customer service. Well done, Fitbit. You’ve made me one happy little human. (Psst….If you’re a Fitbit user and want to connect so we can cheer each other on in our exercise goals, zip me an email through my Connect page and I’ll send you an invite).

How To Create a Meaningful Morning Routine. If you’re looking to create a new morning routine of your own, I highly recommend this micro e-course from Courtney. I love Courtney’s centered and sweet approach to her writing and classes. I think you will, too.

A Magical Miniature World of Snails by Vyacheslav Mishchenko. My friend, Rebecca, sent me the link for these cuties. I’m besotted with the kissing snails. Just goes to show what magic lurks in the smallest of details from everyday life around us.

Square Feet:84 Possessions: 305. A lovely NY Times article my brother, Pier, sent me about tiny house designer and dweller, Dee Williams, celebrating her new book, The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir. Dee designed a beautiful tiny house for our friends, Tammy and Logan. You can see oodles of great photos of their home on Tammy’s blog, Rowdy Kittens. I can’t wait to read Dee’s new book. It looks wonderful!

Sacred Alone. I signed up for Susannah Conway’s new class as an early birthday gift to myself. It starts in early May and I can’t wait. All of Susannah’s courses are gorgeous, brilliantly conceived, and powerful. This one promises to be even more so. Registration is still open if you’d like to join me.

Tales from the Coaching Couch: From Worrier to Warrior by the fabulous Sas Petherick. Sas went through the same Martha Beck Life Coach Training that I’m currently taking and since getting certified is simply busting out with genius and creativity. (Okay, she’s always been awesome, but her mojo is seriously amplified these days). I’m loving Sas’ new blog series “Tales from Coaching Couch.” This post about transforming worry to self-awareness and inner strength is pure gold.

Pretend this is paradise

Photos: The photo of the cute little bird at the top was taken by my talented super-hubby, Grant. I took the one of “Pretend This Is Paradise” while out on a walk in San Luis Obispo. Many of the sidewalks throughout my neighborhood have fun quotes and sayings etched into them. It always makes me smile when I encounter a new one.

As always, I’m wishing you loads of magic and joy,

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