Putting Spring Back In Your Step

Hello Spring

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reveling in the signs of spring emerging all around us. I feel like I’m waking up from a long winter’s slumber like a hibernating bear. I venture out, sniff the breeze, and soon find myself renewed with a distinct spring back in my step and playful twinkle in my eye. Every sun beam, new flower, and bud is popping out to say hello and each seems to sing a sweet song of possibility and optimism. Yep, I adore spring.

Long winters encourage us to dive deep, focus more on hearth and home, plan, rest, and engage in our hobbies and books. Spring awakens us from the slower inner pace of winter and invites us come out into the world to play again. Our creative energy starts rising along with the new growth of the plants and trees around us, beckoning us to move, create, and commune with nature. We find ourselves wanting to get outside as much as we can, soaking in the warming days and savoring the emerging green and blooms.

As spring bursts into fullness here in Northwest Oregon, I find myself frequently pausing during my work day to simply stare outside and soak it all in.  There’s a gorgeous cherry tree in full bloom that is just outside my office window. Every time my gaze falls on it, I’m startled again by its sheer exuberance. How can one tree have so many blooms packed on it? I can’t imagine anything that embodies the joy of spring as much as that giddy tree ~ unless, of course, it’s watching a new lamb gambooling in a field.

Awakening Our Senses

Grant and I have been going on little adventures in the surrounding forests to wander in the wild places and see the natural world’s happy awakening with eye-popping new green growth, rushing rivers, and celebrating birds. Every unfurling fern frond, bird song, budding leaf, and fresh bloom stops us in our tracks in happiness. It’s like Mama Nature just flipped a switch here and suddenly signs of spring are everywhere.

Spring is also a traditional time to clean and refreshen ourselves and our spaces. As part of a spring cleaning of my diet, I’ve switched from the rich deep coffee and soy lattes of winter to the lighter numminess of tea. I’ve found myself craving black and herbal teas that are infused with flowers and light fruits that hold the sunny energy of warmer months. Two teas I’m in love with right now are from the Velvet Monkey Tea House: 1896 (black tea, white peach, cinnamon, and gala apples with floral sparkles) and the Queen’s Blend (black tea, green tea, lavender flowers, rose petals, and a touch of vanilla). Both are recent discoveries and absolutely swoon-worthy. There’s something about spring that awakens our senses and these teas are so aromatic that I spend as much time holding each cup under my nose and savoring the dance of scents as I do drinking it.

Creative Energy Rising

Spring energizes our new beginnings, inspiring us to plant the seeds for growing the projects and plans we’ve incubated over the colder months. As I am bringing my new business into the world, the rising energy of spring is also weaving its magic into my ideas and plans. Everything is taking shape with inspiration and creativity enlivening the new directions I dreamed about. Powerful synchronicities and serendipitous blessings are frequent occurrences in my days as I craft my vision and offerings. It’s clear I’m a co-creator here with the magic and support of the larger energies and spring spirits that surround me. I can’t think of a better time of year to be bringing my new website and business plans into reality.

All this rising energy also has my creativity busting out on all sides. With the new season and my transition to the new lifestyle I’m building, it was time to shelve the old journals from my old life and work. Grant and I stopped by Third Street Books in McMinville while out adventuring and I found myself several blank notebooks by Studio Oh! that clearly wanted to come home with me.

New notebooks 2

This morning I created a paper altar in the one I selected as my new business journal (the one on the left in the image above) to dedicate it to its new use. It captures the energy and vision for the new Mojo Lab website design and offerings I’m developing. A class I took from Susannah Conway a few years ago introduced me to the idea of creating collaged paper altars in our journals and I just adore the practice. Putting one on the inside cover of your journal is a delightful way to set the energy and intention for what you’ll explore and write about in its pages. Here’s a peek at mine…

Mojo Lab Magical Collage 2

And You?

What new projects or long-held dreams are you going to grow this spring? What are your awakening senses desiring right now? How can you weave the rising energy of spring into your days to help you grow and stretch in ways you’ve yearned to do all winter? Is it time for you to get a fresh journal to capture your freshening perspective? Does the idea of crafting your own paper altar inside its cover make you smile? Once you’ve dedicated it, grab your journal and head outside to sit under a blooming tree or spread a blanket beside a babbling brook and explore the gifts of spring you want to invite into your life.

I’d love to hear what seeds you are planting to celebrate this amazing season of fresh new energy and exuberance for life.

Wishing you loads of magic and joy (and gambooling lambs, too)!

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"I believe in magic, especially the magic we conjure with our creativity and intentions." ~ Victoria

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